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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 6, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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a jet slams into a virginia beach apartment complex. >> what happened to the pilot and the people on the ground. >> here's what people are talking about tonight. >> a fighter jet slams into an apartment complex in virginia sparking a massive fire. upon the pilots ejected seconds before impact near a military base in virginia beach. as randall pinkston explains, crews are searching the debris looking for possible victims. >> reporter: the wreckage of an f18 jet. >> we heard the pop from the engine. it was like a skittering, then we just saw the plane go down. >> reporter: the navy says the jet slammed into the complex just after take-off. a large section of the roof is demolished. >> i ran over, started knocking on doors without getting into the flames and beating on them
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and trying to get people out. >> reporter: at least seven people have been taken to the hospital. >> we're extinguishing the fire, and we had to do some extensive searches in those buildings >> reporter: the two pilots ejected before impact. one of the payments landed on pat cavanaugh's back porch. >> i saw a pilot on the ground, parachute hanging from the building. >> reporter: cavanaugh and neighbors carried the pilot away from the flames >> he was barely conscious. we had a bunch of cuts and bruises and bleeding a little bit. >> he apologized very much for hitting our complex. and i told him don't worry about it. everything's going to be fine. let's get you out of here. >> reporter: officials say the pilots do not appear to have life-threatening injuries. the cause of the crash has not been determined. >> it is not clear how long the search process will take.
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investigation is underway into a double shooting in north baltimore. west north avenue and mccullough streets. we're bringing you more information when we get it. a child riding his back in northwest baltimore struck by a car. and we just learned that young boy has died. >> reporter: seven year marcell wagstaff died after being rushed to sinai hospital. in the 1,500-block of ruben avenue in northwest baltimore. the boy was riding in the street in front of his home when he was hit by a toyota hylander. the driver did remain at the scene of the accident. caught on camera, a tourist being beaten in downtown baltimore, and instead of helping him, a crowd laughed and
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stole his belongings. mike has the video and the investigation. >> reporter: i want to say right off the top, these are some disturbing images. police hope this video will get the attackers off the streets. >> reporter: the video shows a man being punched in the face in downtown baltimore. you can hear his head hit the pavement near the entrance of courthouse east. instead of helping, people laughed. >> reporter: then the crowd strips him naked, takes his car keys, watch, money, and iphone. it happened st. patrick's day. the victim was out partying, and woke up the next day at his hotel cut and bruised with no idea why. >> he had every right to leave wherever he was and get back to wrepted to be safely -- where he wanted to be safely. their behavior was just criminal. not only was he relieved of his property, but there were a lot of other things that were done
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to him that were just disturbing to look at. and we want to bring these people to justice. >> oh, my god. and knocked him to the ground. >> where's the police? >> reporter: those who've seen the video -- >> and then this other guy goes and punches him in the face. >> reporter: are outraged. >> he gives us a bad name, baltimore, and people don't want to trust to come down here. >> it's surprising, but it's dangerous. >> it's awful, obviously. you have to be really careful on those days. >> reporter: police say they've gotten leads but made no arrests. >> the public is really going to help us with this case. and they have been helpful thus far. >> reporter: those who filmed it for fun and posted it for the world to see unwittingly prosecuted cops and prosecutors with the key evidence in this vicious attack. >> reporter: and the victim didn't even know such a video existed until a relative watched it online and told him. thank you, mike. after the attack, people
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bragged about it on camera. tens of thousands of people have seen the video online. he wanted to kill as many people as possible. now the man arrested by the fbi is planning to blowup a military recruiting center in baltimore county, learns his fate. more on the sentence for antonio mars net. >> reporter: he will -- he will spend the next 25 years behind bars. antonio martinez' fate was sealed in federal court in baltimore. on friday, a judge sentenced him to 25 years in prison for plotting to bomb this military recruitment center. the homegrown terrorist told a government informant he wanted to wage jihad on the united states. >> he armed the bomb on his own, parked the car in front of a building, then went to the vantage point with a
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confidential source so he could see the effect of what would happen. >> reporter: he pleaded guilty to the chilling plan. during his sentencing he renounced terrorism and the use of violence. he also apologized for his acts which he called wrong. >> he intended to kill people and do damage. >> reporter: it was an informant who tipped off the fbi after reading radical posts on martinez' facebook page. secretly recorded conversations revealed his anger toward america. the charges attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. the judge only give martinez 25 years, it's what federal prosecutors agreed on in the plea agreement which he signed with his islamic name, mohammed hussein. he's been reflecting on his fate, he said, and came to the conclusion that it does not condone violence of any
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kind. >> the judge also sentenced martinez to five years of supervised release following the prison time. merland wilson who says she hit the jackpot told a washington dc station she lost the ticket. it was bought at a 7/11. a winning opening day here in baltimore. the orioles celebrate the 20th anniversary of the opening of camden yards with a big win over the twins and fans are excited. >> in center field is no. 10, adam jones. >> and another opening day sellout as the players are introduced. and a live look right now as orioles fans continue to stream out of the
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ball park, happy and probably well-eaten. complete coverage. highlights of the game . but first is jessica with more on the excitement as a new season begins. what a beautiful day, and what a great game. fans could not be more thrilled with the orioles. >> reporter: camden yard comes alive. >> woo! >> yay! >> reporter: the boys of summer are back in baltimore, playing in front of a sold-out crowd. >> it's always wonderful when you have 45,000 people here loving it as much as you hoped they would. so absolutely, the orioles couldn't be happier with the fan response. >> opening day, special feeling in baltimore am so much to be proud of. we've got a great ball club, great improvements. >> reporter: in celebration of camden yard's 20th anniversary
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in baltimore city, there's a new bar in center field above the batter's eye wall. >> it's awesome. there's nothing in front of you. there's -- the back ground is great, there's a bar, couches, it's nothing like sitting in the small seat. >> reporter: the only thing better than her seats are these seats right here in center field. they're first come, first serve, as soon as the national anthem is over. a new flag cord has a better view of the game, and a new picnic area is designed to enhance the fan experience. >> are you diehard fans? >> oh, yeah. will >> we haven't had a winning season in 15 years. and if you're a fan, you're a fan. don't be one of those fan, oh, well we're fans if they're winning. of no, you gotta be a fan no matter what. >> reporter: whether you're a fairweather or die hard orioles
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fan, it doesn't matter. everybody could not be happier with the outcome of the game. >> more on the game itself. >> reporter: well, buck told us yesterday, if you're going to get a sell-out crowd, give them some entertainment, and a reason to come back. i just saw the manager getting hugs from his family. it's just one game, but it's always nice to start a season with a victory. the orioles did just that with their win over the twins. taking a look at the mr.y game festivities -- pregame festivities that included gold glove awards. at the plate, his first at-bat of the season, off carl pavano of the twins, there is go, opposite field, 2-run home run, and just like that, orioles out to a 2-nothing run.
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seven innings, no runs, allowed. he hit the deep fly-ball to right field. doman of the twins couldn't make the catch. jj hardy came in to score. the orioles hold on to win this one 4-2. he had abdominal surgery. his spring training was abbreviated. but he starts his regular season in style. >> you realize your body, and you realize what you need for spring training. and buck and i and the training staff sat down and mapped out when i was going to play and when i wasn't going to play. and they did a good job of getting me in there when i needed to be in there, and everything worked out good. >> reporter: just his seventh season with the orioles. and already he is the most tenured player on this opening day roster. he celebrates in style, driving in three runs with a
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couple of hits, and the orioles can celebrate with the victory as can their fans am more coming up later in sports. >> our complete coverage continues with chopper 13. and mike perry who all day long has had a beautiful bird's eye view. >> reporter: we are indeed over downtown near russell street looking at the thousands of happy fans streaming out of the ball park and heading right into the local pubs and restaurants. what a great boom it is for the folks in the downtown that have businesses here. it does not seem to be much issue for folks to leave the downtown, and that's also good for local area business owners. we do see some folks helps out toward light-rail, some folks heading toward the mark train stop. most appear to be heading toward the inner harbor or lolly gagging around the downtown, enjoying the scenery and this beautiful day. can't remember the last
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time i lolly gagged. [ laughter ] >> weather couldn't have been more fantastic for opening day. i live look outside, plenty of sun, but not as warm as recently. and you were right on the money for today's forecast, tim. thank you, sir. >> thank you , i'll be here all week. [ laughter ] and if you're a fairweather fan, how about a great weather fan? at our pregame ceremony, it all looked so nice bump we all commentod -- but we all commented on how we could not have had a better day. 60 degrees right now. only got up to 61 officially. maybe just a tad bit warmer downtown because of course right in the middle of downtown. so as we take a look at our forecast, and we look at the frost and freeze warnings in effect for the rest of the night ahead, what we're going to be dealing with are temperatures very cold, 2:00 am-9:00 am for tomorrow morning, and we're going to be seeing
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those cold northwest winds over the last few days staying with us at least for one more night. enough to bring us those frost and freeze warnings in effect for much of the state. we'll continue to see this nice stretch of weather into the wekd. the complete forecast coming up -- into the weekend. people of the jewish faith in baltimore and around the world are celebrating passover. members of the community observed the burning of the chalmuds. . it's a time to get rid of levened bread. much more on today's services in baltimore coming up at 6:third and also today is good friday. when christians remember the day jesus christ died. more on today's services in baltimore. >> reporter: it is one of the most holy days of the year for christians in baltimore and around the world as millions celebrate good friday. >> that means there's life
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everlasting. >> reporter: christians believe jesus was crucified on good friday and resurrected on easter. >> reporter: at the cathedral of mary our queen, parishoners marked the day with song, prayers, and solemn reading. >> it's a lovely place inside there. upon >> reporter: this year, the holy weekend clashed with major league baseball schedules. nine teams including the orioles started their season on good friday. cardinal o'brian sent them a later asking them to switch the day. >> when you come to good friday and passover, you can't get more sensitive than that. >> reporter: services this week began on thursday. christians worldwide say this weekend is a chance to reflect on their faith. >> you live easter every day, and it's a commemorative day to live it. >> reporter: and celebrate it too.
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>> cardinal o'brian said this weekend services are special for him because it is his last easter in baltimore am he recently received a new post from the vatican. new numbers, more people finding work in the united states. this may be bad news for president obama's reelection campaign. why the u.s. coast guard opened fire on this fishing vessel. coming up, it's not same-sex marriage, it's same-sex divorce before maryland's highest court. stick around for the updated weather forecast.
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and licenses from other states can legally be dissolved here. >> the court of appeals gave no indication of when they might rule on the same-sex divorce case. is the friday rush winding down? let's check. >> as you can imagine, due to the winning game, we have a lot of traffic coming out of camden yards, and a lot of holiday travel as well. heavy traffic there. from 395 to 95 southbound, also in the northbound direction to the
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tunnel. higher on southbound 95, because of that holiday travel, you can expect at least 25 minutes there from the memorial bridge to route 24. and we also have some congestion past the beltway on the northeast side. on the north side interloop, stop and go there to security boulevard. and a lot of accidents tonight. philadelphia road at middle river, kenwood avenue at philadelphia road, and york road at ridgely. let's take a live look at what i was talking about with that traffic out of cam benniards. a lot -- camden yards. a lot of traffic coming from 395. and the sun is still shining and people are still having a good time. >> and i figured out the winning combination for an orioles season. before the game, you two talk live with christina markakis.
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he drove in all the runs for all the game. >> i think christina is going to tire of that pretty quickly. [ laughter ] well, it is a gorgeous day. and temperatures are still holding on in the 60s. 19 is the dewpoint. relatively humidity at 20%. north northwest wind. we'll have your complete forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a high of just 61 degrees today. 61 is where we got, our average high right now is 61. so with that, our overnight lows are going to be on target as well. maybe cooler, and as a result we have freeze warnings again for the third night in a row for basically most of the state. it's going to be about 36 at bwi marshall. temperatures colder in the north and west suburbs courtesy of the same high pressure up in canada, bringing in the northwest winds around much of the state. it's helping to keep us dry, but it's also bringing that colder air over much of the state. it takes us till mid-morning to schick off that chill.
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50 in oakland -- shake off that chill. 56 in elfin, 60 out toward columbia. we have 57, and -- you can actually see the numbers are changing now. of the 14-mile an hour winds. very comfortable with all that sun out there today. with all that sun and this nice delightful breeze out there, it kept is it very comfortable. breezy at times but it never got very cold. so it was a pleasant afternoon. we have a very strong system that moved in off the pacific coast, starting to make its way across the country. this looks like a bunch of snow, which it is, this is going to be our next rain-maker come monday into tuesday. upon the low that brought us -- the low that brought us showers, that has now
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since moved off-shore. what we're going to be watching over the next few days is the progression of that system moving across the northwest, across the plain state, the great lakes, and eventually we'll see that front approaching. and monday and tuesday, we'll have a better chance of rain. our sunset is at 7:30. small craft advisory in effect through 1:00 pm tomorrow. and we're going to see a breeze pick up. 36 degrees tonight, colder in the north and west suburbs the mostly sunny and breezy. it's going to be about 50 diagnose heading into sunday. so all the easter bonnets will be shown off on sunday. >> and we can clearly see the eggs in all the sunshine. holy friday, more on the passover celebrations here in baltimore. texas tornado terror.
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it is just after 6:30. 60 degrees and sunny . thanks for staying with wjz. newly released unemployment numbers show job growth is slowing, and more people have stopped looking for work. from the white house, this could be problematic for president obama and his reelection. >> reporter: employers add 120,000 now jobs last month, a sharp drop from the pace of growth the country has seen so far this year. the unemployment rate dropped to 8.2%. that's only because fewer people are searching for jobs. bob is one of them. he was laid off from his job at an architecture firm in 2009. >> initially, it's just shock. >> reporter: he spent months looking for work and drained his savings account, then decided to go into business for himself. >> it's at a point where it's sustaining itself, and
6:32 pm
fortunately just today i received a call about two new jobs. >> reporter: job creation will be one of the central issues in this year's race for the white house. the latest employment numbering be a setback for president obama's reelection campaign. at a forum on women and the economy, the president admitted there's more work to be done. >> right now, no issue is more important than restoring economic security for all our families in the wake of the greatest economic crisis since the great depression. >> reporter: he's hoping events like this will help him show the progress he's made. but the gop frontrunner says voters need more. >> they want to see a real change and someone leading the country who understands how the economy works so we can get the economy working for the american people. >> reporter: mitt romney argues he's the best candidate to shore up the nation's economy. first he'll have to lock in his party's nomination.
6:33 pm
returning to today's unemployment report, the number of new jobs grew in manufacturing, food services, drinking places, and healthcare. a developing story out of virginia beach. mary is live in the news room with more on the f18 fighter jet crashing into an apartment. >> reporter: crews remain at the scene looking for victims. . the two navy pilots in the jet dumped fuel before safely ejecting. those men with at least five from the apartment building are being treated for nonlife-threatening injures. the pilots were a student and an instructor. >> the crash happened in the hampton roads area which has a large concentration of military bases including naval station norfolk. a texas police officer is shot dead responding to a routine call at a walmart. police in austin were called for a drunk man inside the store at 2:30 am.
6:34 pm
the man pulled out a gun and opened fire. of the officer died at the scene. two employees tackled the suspect and held him until other officers arrived. a dramatic rescue in the new york harbor. a tug boat overturned in the chilly waters. emergency responders rushed to the scene and pulled the crew members from the water. they're expected to be okay. the workers were trying to left something with a crane when the ship cap sized. as tornadoes hit northern texas this week, people ran for cover. it was a terrifying ordeal for a do you mean who runs a day-- couple who runs a daycare. they huddled 20 people inside a closet as the storm passed. >> everyone just ran through here. we just shoved as many people as we could in my closet. >> reporter: belinda price rushed into a closet with 15 children. her husband grabbed his camera.
6:35 pm
>> get down, get down. right there! >> reporter: a tornado was only two streets away in their neighborhood. >> reporter: and the couple who operate a daycare out of their home feared the worst. >> oh, god! oh, god! >> as you can hear, i'm so afraid. i think i was more afraid for my driver and the two students that i could not account for. >> reporter: with the tornado approaching, the number of children and parents in the closet grew to 20, including the son and daughter of derrick and lucy decker. of >> i knew they would be safe, it was just a matter of making sure the tornado did not hit her house. but i knew she would take the best care of our children. >> reporter: price says she was forced to kneel in a bathroom. >> there was no room for me so i figured i had to sacrifice my life for the children. >> reporter: at the very moment
6:36 pm
she and others expected impact, it didn't happen. >> it's still got a rotating tail right there. >> reporter: the couple went outside with their camera again and recorded the dissipating funnel cloud which turned just before reaching their house. >> reporter: my main problem was taking care of these kids. and he -- there's no doubt in my mind that god covered us here. >> reporter: amazingly no one was killed when the tornadoes hit texas. time for a quick look of stories you'll find in tomorrow's edition of the baltimore sun. the jfx is about to undergo construction that could last for a month.5. coverage of the lacrosse game between navy and maryland. and a wrap-up of the season opener. and look for the updated forecast the jewish community today gathered at the race track to
6:37 pm
begin their passover celebration. more on how they continue a tradition that is thousands of years old. >> reporter: flames ignite. as the jewish community celebrates, a time to get rid of any levened bread. >> any sort of wheat product. >> this is arguably one of the oldest religious rituals still being practiced in the world. >> reporter: at first, it was a small gathering at a fire station. 30 years later, thousands will come to the parking lot to pray and burn their bread together. >> it's great to come out here because it's a nice, safe, community-organized way to do it. >> reporter: before the jewish community was given a public place, people were forced to do their burning at their homes >> people would observe this ritual in their backyard. >> reporter: for many families, this event is a pasover
6:38 pm
tradition they hope to keep passing on. >> it's something they'll remember, not just reading out of a book. >> theel remember it for years -- they'll remember it for years and come back with their kids hopefully. >> and the jewish passover celebrates the emancipation of the israelites from slavery in ancient egypt. a man tries to pay a fan with change. the grief he was given. wrong-way crash caught on tape. the first morning weather center, putting the finishing touching on a very, very nice weekend. opening day here in baltimore. log onto our website at
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62 a 62 year-old driver speeds down the interstate the wrong way. she hit several cars before crashing on the side of
6:42 pm
the highway. no one was seriously hurt. of the driver had been drinking. a tractor trailer hauling trash erupts into flames in i don't eveningers. . the cause is under investigation. we've heard a penny saved is a penny earned but apparently not if you're trying to pay a speeding ticket with a bucket full of loose change in colorado. a college student got the run-around when he tried to pay his ticket. >> reporter: when times are tough, every penny helps. that's what first-year college student ted thought when he tried to use his 50-pound bucket of loose change to pay a speeding ticket. >> they wouldn't take my money. >> reporter: strapped for cash and two days from losing his license, he first tried to pay it with his credit card. but the court didn't have a working machine. >> so i went back home, grabbed my savings, my change here, went
6:43 pm
back in, tried to pay it, they would not accept it. >> reporter: the court told him it would be a waste of taxpayer money to count it all even though his bank confirmed it was the right amount. >> what we would have to do is count it by hand twice to assure that we had the right amount there. >> reporter: he looked at other options like coin machines but they take a percentage. and it would take a week to cash. >> i don't have a week to wait. >> reporter: add ing to ted's frustration, witness he found out he couldn't cash his change at the court, he found out the next day all he had to do was walk 20 feet across the hall to parking services and they would have done it for him. but it was too late, and he was forced to dip into his financial aid to pay his ticket. >> i'm trying to pay the fine. >> if there's a positive outcome from this incident, it's that municipal court and parking services are now talking about how can they better work together so if that does happen again, a client can take advantage of the counting
6:44 pm
machine in parking services. >> he admits he waited till the last minute, he still says money is money and it's the principle of the matter that makes him mad. a u.s. coast guard opens fire on a japanese fishing ship for good reason. the ship was abandoned, swept away by the tsunami last year. it's been drifting at sea since then. the cutter sunk the vessel in the gulf of alaska to prevent it from colliding with other ships. take a look at what happened to a 4-year-old boy in australia. he got his arm struck in a vending machine trying to reach the toy. firefighters were called in, cut apart the machine. after an hour he was freed, unharmed, but we believe he learned a lesson. he's four. >> the other side of the story is that machine was probably ripping him off. >> well, generally, i would agree. upon [ laughter ]
6:45 pm
a navy jet crashed into an apartment complex in virginia beach. we are at the scene with eyewitness accounts and the latest on the fires from the crash tonight on the cbs evening [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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a delightful end to a very nice week. lots of sun, warm temperatures. perfect for opening day. tim williams is in the whether center with the forecast. >> northwest winds moving in: we have a freeze warning in effect for much of the state from 2:00 am to 9:00 am. and we start to warm up nicely with a good bit of sunshine around 65 degrees. and 68 on sunday, increased clouds late in the day. monday, tuesday, and wednesday, a chance of showers. the temperatures hold up in the mid-60s to the mid to upper 50s by wednesday. still to come, much more on opening day for the ball park. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the orioles are unbeaten! mark is live. >> i like your enthusiasm there! a little of something for everyone here today with a day that started with nostalgia
6:52 pm
and a celebration of the orioles' history. it ends with something to celebrate in the present. a victory in the first game of the 2011 season over the minnesota twins. it was 20 years to the day that rick sutcliff through the first pitch ever in the history of oriole park at camden yards. and pitching proved to be a big story in the opener as was the hitting of nick markakis in his first at-bat in the season against carl pavano. it's a home run to left field, and a 2-nothing orioles lead. starting pitcher jake arrieta, seven innings, no runs, and struck out four. of the bullpen gave up a couple of runs in the 9th, but the orioles held on. >> my mindset today was really to set the toeven for -- tone
6:53 pm
for our team in front af i great crowd -- of a great crowd. i think it was important to come out and set the tone the way we did. >> he commanded all his pitches. didn't throw a lot of change-ups. but breaking balls, a curve ball, and a slider. made a lot of good pitches. >> reporter: starting season tends to go well for the orioles. 13 times they have won. let's check out some other opening day action as ron washington and his texas rangers start the season against the visiting chicago white sox. ian winsler of the white sox had a day like nick markakis. and the rangers win in this one 3-2.
6:54 pm
second round of the golf tournament in georgia, jason duffner, they change. other notable results through round two, phil nicholson, and tiger woods still on the course, two over par. he played 15 holes today. basketball note to pass along, hall of famer, isaiah thomas, a great player. certainly struggled as a coach. fired from his job today at florida international university. three years on the job there, isaiah lost about three times more than he won. and no matter how famous you are, that's going to pretty much get any coach fired. here at oriole park, the fans, the orioles fired up! they start the season with a victory, and they'll be at it tomorrow night against the twins.
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biking for baseball in the name of charity. that's what five friends from kansas are doing, going on a cross-country tour of all major league ball parks from seattle to boston. they will also host a party for a youth organization in that town. by the end of the summer, they will have biked a total of 11,000 miles. >> and had a lot of parties for a good cause. that's it for tonight, even. >> thanks for watching. don't go away. there's much more ahead on the cbs evening news, including a navy jet crashes into an apartment complex in virginia beach. the details from the scene. >> pelley: tonight, a disaster in virginia beach. a navy jet crashes into an apartment complex after the crew bails out.
6:59 pm
>> he apologized very much for hitting our complex and i told him don't worry about it. >> pelley: bob orr is on the scene. a surprising report on job growth today. anthony mason on which way the economy is turning. angry reaction to pro-football's pay for injury scandal. from the targets and from former players. >> i'm sick to my stomach, actually. >> pelley: armen keteyian that has story. and "on the road. "build a better jump road and charles kuralt will beat a path to your door. steve hartman will be right behind him. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, firefighters in virginia beach, virginia, are searching the remains of 40 apartments looking for victims of today's military plane crash.


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